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In the support group I observed, two of the group members suffer from scrupulosity, a psychological disorder characterized by pathological guilt about moral or religious issues. It is typically conceptualized as a moral or religious form of OCD: if I engage in X behavior, God will punish me or I will never be relieved of the feeling of not being forgiven. In other words, agree with the fear  yes, that could happen, but I'll do it anyway. Among the 400 girls teams competing across nine age groups in this nationally ranked youth soccer tournament, the Elite was one of only four clubs from Fairfax County to reach the finals of the top Championship division. Coached by Jim Abt, the Elite beat out topranked teams from Maryland, New York, North Carolina and Virginia to reach the championship game. The club lost in the finals to one of its Northern Virginia rivals, Loudoun Red 98, in a hardfought 20 battle..
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