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Chapter 3 with a beautiful home
    At this moment, only here, Ouyang Haitian and girls two people. And inexplicable emotions unconsciously tense.
    Alone with the girls rarely Ouyang Haitian together on such opportunities, both with anticipation, but also has a profound fear.
    Touches the girl's face, a Wang water calm, delicate face, curious and looked up and saw the sky Ouyang body. Contains a profound meaning in the eyes, my heart burst ripples Liaode swing Haitian Ouyang Yi.
    The eyes, Ouyang Haitian promise to bring great pressure, and some own move, will not let pure and lovely girl misunderstood yourself? In that case, can be worse!
    This is their ever seen, the first initiative to contact their girls to Ouyang Haitian feeling, and girls together, like a soft mood stepped on the beach and feel happy.
    "Oh," Ouyang Haitian hollow laugh or two for girls, explains: "In fact, Yannan Tian know me,foamposites for sale, I do not know other people, but also not what you think, my family does not matter ...... with what the underworld."
    This explains, getting more and more outrageous, and the underworld does not matter, mafia boss be so afraid of your family,foamposites, there is another contradiction here.
    Girls exposed cute smile, straining nodded, smiling: "I know that your home is not the underworld, you are not the underworld, underworld cellular phones are timid, met your family, packed together grandchildren, funny you play. "
    --- Make me play this game!
    Do not know they have a few onions, anyway, saying, Ouyang Haitian listened carefully and feel uncomfortable, hurriedly reached his hand to the girl's mouth blocked.
    This is obviously pushing himself into the pit of fire you. I even own, has great ability, people gangsters, there was no need, loaded grandson, make us whole family happy. Ouyang Haitian beating heart bang bang bang,cheap foamposites, people heard these words, offend the whole world mafia boss, a man a slap in the face to turn their whole family, all shot dead,cheap foamposites, do not get caught with a.
    Ouyang Haitian also anxious, did not realize that their hand over to the girl's mouth, and the girls whining, almost crying out loud. Stunned eyes, keeping a close eye Ouyang Haitian perspective, seemed to see the same monster.
    Ouyang Haitian still unconscious told: "girl, you do not talk nonsense, underworld Brother Where we afford to offend, he was determined to let count with you, you do not that encroaches."
    Who is insatiable, and Ouyang speak Haitian self-serving, completely ignoring her physical and psychological needs, the girls have wronged tears almost fell down, mercilessly a stomp. This time, noticed his talent Ouyanghai girls cover their mouths tight, people breath came, bright red face, very happy, looking so fragile, so cute, so charming.

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If Zhao here, he will find that this man is evil Yi that he encountered before going deeper into the desert people.
    "Master, if he can not do even that, then let me go, what qualifications auxiliary?" Evil Yat man a cynical look, his mouth gently to himself.
    In an unknown space,cheap foamposites, a handsome man wearing golden armor is sigh shook his head: "nine days are not just virtual space dragon dragon nine days, but the last one alive Once upon a dragon. Rein it? Easier said than done? Even I myself do not have much grasp ah! "
    Of course, Zhao certainly do not know their every move has undoubtedly insight by others, then he is slowly moving in that place filled with sand around,foamposites, the more close, that 'bang' sound more significant, to be Zhao is only two kilometers away from the place,foamposites for sale, that has become very deafening sound, and filled the sand is like being in a tornado in this area unbridled Hurricane,cheap foamposites, so Zhao have become blurred sight .
    A powerful repulsion from 'Tornado' center to the edges, Zhao walked every step is increasingly difficult.
    'Call call ~ ~ ~ ~'
    Wind, can not go wrong, Zhao clearly felt faint wind blew from his face.
    One thousand meters, until Zhao from 'tornado' only one thousand meters, when suddenly felt the wind comes up, a little step back, it just has to grab the meat stinging wind was strange once again become Ruoyouruowu.
    Zhao heart suddenly become increasingly cautious up.
    Dragonlance firmly holding the hands of tyrants, Zhao Yungang want walked, they found groups of monsters are constantly running toward the direction away from the tornado away, Zhao even felt the atmosphere was filled with monsters, That ... is called an atmosphere of fear.
    Front exactly what happened? Where there is something so many monsters to flee in fear? Even 50 or 60 of the monsters are not the slightest sense of resistance, it is the ultimate big BOSS do?
    "Yes, 50 with 60 monsters!" Zhao suddenly shocked.
    He then discovered, almost all around the monster he had not seen before, several monster's body is more than 30 magic blue scorpion bigger and more ugly, a little guess it is not difficult to guess These types of monster is 40, 50, 60 of the scorpion-shaped monster.
    Groups of monsters ran out, it seems that the center of a tornado what make them fear something.

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